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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

planning, clothes, and your emotions

Today I woke up late and had nothing to wear. All of my work clothes were in a pile waiting to be ironed and I just didn't have time. So I grab some clothes that I rarely wear because they just don't fit right. The cami I picked is a little see through and low cut. My sweater is short on my torso. My pants are just awful in every way - too tight, too long, [pantyline?!?!]. To top it off, I'm pretty convinced it doesn't match and I feel rather odd about wearing this to work. 

Needless to say, I'm sitting at my desk all day, trying to hide from my boss because I'm convinced I'm showing too much cleavage. This is an outfit fail of the worst kind. Particularly because all of the uncomfortable things about this outfit are really affecting my mood. So much so, that I can't believe I didn't scarf a whole box of doughnuts this morning. I really felt like it was the only way to regain control over my out-of-control outfit. I feel like when I look frumpy and like I don't know how to dress, I should eat that way. Have you ever felt this way?

I have over-eaten today. Fortunately, I recognized the problem around lunch time and am prepared to eat healthier and not succumb to my emotions.

Feeling comfortable in your clothing is important for keeping a sane and keeping a positive view of your body image. Losing weight relies so much on planning  - planning your food, workouts, and even clothing. Unfortunately, I'm very resistant to taking any time out of my day for planning. What about you? Are you resistant to planning? How did you overcome it?

The good news is, the reason why I didn't iron last night and didn't wake up on time is because I spent close to two hours last night playing tennis with my boyfriend. I woke up sore and just wanted to stay in bed.

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