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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holiday sabatoge and this week's meeting topic

I weighted-in on Monday and I was up .2 pounds. I guess this isn't a huge failure, since the week before I gained two pounds. But it would have been nice to lose a pound or two.

This is me at 206 lbs. Three pounds lighter than the heaviest I've ever been. I took this in the locker room right before my workout. The mirror was dirty. Gross.

After the meeting, I felt inspired to lose at least a pound the next week. This week's meeting was on tracking. I only track half of the time. That should improve. I talked with a WW representative at the meeting, and she we talked about the .2 gain mostly happened on the weekend. This is no surprise to me, seeing as the weekend is 30% of the whole week and I know the realities and lack of control of weekend eating. I was confident I was going to lose some weight this week, but on Sunday night I had a few beers and that turned into a few slices of pizza.

Regardless, I'm glad I went to the meeting and left with the inspiration to do better this week. However, that was quickly thwarted by a looming holiday. Easter is this weekend, and I'm breaking my schedule, which terrifies me. I'm leaving town Wednesday night to visit my family - a term synonymous with lots of food. I'm also scared because that turns Thursday and Friday into an extended weekend. Monday through Friday I'm great at tracking. Now I'll be in a foreign kitchen, stuck with foreign meals. Since I'm a vegetarian, the only thing my family can think to feed me is pasta and potato salad. Also, my boyfriend's mom makes the best quiche and German Chocolate Cake.

Already discouraged by this thought, I sabotaged myself with a brownie - well two brownies. And while I don't even know how to track them, because they were huge, I'm determined to be prepared for this weekend.

extended holiday weekend survival plan:
Workout every day this week, even while vacationing. Taking a run at my parent's place is nice, because of residential sidewalk (something Tallahassee seriously lacks).

No eating in the car during the five-hour trip.

Eat light (and track!) on the days I'm still in town and able to stick to a routine.

Go shopping while on vacation and stock my parent's fridge with fruits and vegetables and make sure I have a say in the Easter dinner menu.

Wish me luck. Do you have any suggestions for surviving the Easter weekend?

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